• SMARTPACK TECHNOLOGY CORP. is the leading label conversion provider in the Philippines, producing high quality and first-rate labels and product stickers fitted for every label requirements. With a team of over 70, located at the center of commerce in Metro Manila, we manage to cater hundreds of clients from different trade industries like Food and Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Industrial, Chemical and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sections. We manufacture all labels specifications, from basic to complicated high end labels with multiple special effects for fast-moving consumer goods. Our modernly and advanced equipment and facilities has the capability to handle various converting and finishing label options. We focus on delivering excellence in all that we do, by providing a dynamic, responsive and friendly service that customer know they can rely on.


    Smartpack Technology Corp. is committed to quality in everything we do. We communicate this to our employees, our clients and our community. This mission, together with our commitment on reaching out every specific label requirement needs of our client, serves as the substructure of everything that we do.


    Our ultimate goal is as clear as it is bold: We aim to revolutionize your product labels by devoting our resources and knowledge in increasing brand visibility, brand love and brand loyalty.


    Our values rely on this principle: Our clients come first. To help them on their objective, we focus on producing high quality labels and tags at our fastest production time and in their most minimal cost.

  • Products

    We offer a variety of label products to our customers specifically design to meet their needs. These are Household and Personal Care labels, Food and Beverage Labels, Pharmaceutical Labels and Blank Barcode label. We also have Promotional Sticker Labels, Lubricant Labels and Security Labels to supplement their other needs.

    Customized Label sticker printing services in Manila Philippines

    Household and Personal Care Labels

    We make advanced quality labels for a wide range of home and personal care products. Our team of professionals has extensive experience and knowledge in designing label solutions for home and personal care clients.


    We’ve made labels for home and personal care products for decades. This label successfully withstand number of challenges such as tricky containers that are contoured, rigid or even squeezable. Tough environment condition for a long period of time such as heat, moisture, chemical exposure and repeated handling can also constitute on challenges that our labels have to withstand.


    We come forth with a specialist material which features include waterproof materials, specialty adhesive, moisture resistant lamination films and materials that are water, oil and chemical resistant.

    Customized Food and Beverage Label Sticker Printing in Manila Philippines

    Food and Beverage Labels

    We are experts in the manufacture of excellent quality, customized food, beverage and general supermarket labels. Our team can design a custom solution, selecting the right material and adhesive to meet your branding and operational needs as well as to perform in a challenging environment of heat, cold, moisture and condensation conditions.


    Our range of materials includes gloss paper, clear film, white film, metalized, thermal, textured and specialty items. Our label embellishment also includes hot foil, cold foil, high build, emboss and textured coatings. We have a versatile mix of digital and flexo technologies that provides excellent print quality ideal for short and long runs and multiple varieties. In addition, this technology offers the opportunity to add variable data to the label or even personalize so that every label is different.

    Customized Pharmaceutical label sticker printing in Manila Philippines

    Pharmaceutical Label​s

    We have wide-range quality systems and procedures specifically designed to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical market. Our manufacturing capabilities, systems and processes are designed to meet the strict quality requirement of our customer, including an exclusively allocated inspection procedure that provides a certified finishing solution. We have carefully controlled procedures between proofing and printing phases to ensure that we deliver high quality, accurate labels every time.


    Our unique printing capability which is a mixture of digital and flexographic print technology allows us to provide efficient, high-quality products for short and long runs. We offer a range of security labels ideal to pharmaceutical products which includes micro-text, sequential numbering and barcoding. This is an efficient means to validate, identify and track products as part of a unified market monitoring scheme.

    Blank barcode label sticker printing services in Manila Philippines

    Blank Barcode Labels​

    We offer a broad and continually growing selection of sustainable label materials. We offer the highest quality blank barcode labels—the same we use to produce barcode labels in-house. Our barcode labels feature a premium face stock to enhance barcode print quality and durability and a permanent acrylic based adhesive to reduce glue seepage into a sheet fed laser printer.


    We also have labels that work ideally with ribbons to produce high quality smudge resistant imaging which can also be heat sensitive thus not requiring any ribbon at all. All these features are designed to cater specific requirement of each and every end label consumers.

    Promotional sticker printing services in Manila Philippines

    Promotional Stickers​

    We have developed a number of specialty and promotional label solutions over the years to suit some unique requirements. Whether your promotional labels are simple or complex, we have the experience and expertise to produce them to your exact specifications. We are familiar with special constructions and adhesives for temporary labels, game pieces, event stickers and rebate coupons.


    Our team of label experts is standing by to assist you with your supermarket labeling needs. We can design a solution that’s right for you, whether it’s a generic label we have in stock or a customized design.

    Lubricant label sticker printing in Manila Philippines

    Lubricant Labels​

    We’ve been supplying labels for lubricant products for many years and we understand the challenges that these labels need to overcome. Conditions like chemical, heat, moisture and sun exposure are some of the challenges that these labels should be able to withstand. Our team of experts has developed solutions and provides a range of specialist materials for all these challenges. We have developed specific material portfolio of durability, strong, waterproof, oil resistant, chemical resistant and light fast to meet the challenging needs of industrial lubricants labeling.

    Security label sticker printing services in Manila Philippines

    Security Label​s

    Counterfeiting is a global issue that is wearing down brand value and destroying trust with consumers. As a solution, we have developed a range of apparent and obscured brand protection label solutions. The security features which we can incorporate into your labels can be as simple or as sophisticated as you require. We offer covert micro text patterns, holographic security foils, security die-cutting, laser markable inks and embedded messages. These secure options can be individually or combinedly integrated to provide right solution on securing label products and branding.

  • Capabilities

    Our labels have special feature that matches the requirements of every product that they cater. These features are Glossy / Matte Finish, Hot and Cold Stamping, Emboss, Double Side Printing and Peel-off Double Layer Printing. Different feature approach is used to fit the procedure for every label printing.

    Gloss / Matte Finish

    We deliver different types of specialty finishes for labeling. Blending this finishing and effects is a skill that our label company has mastered over time and experienced. You can choose from variety of glossy or matte finish and/or custom combination of both to have a better distinction which can give a large impact on overall appearance of a labeled product.

    Hot & Cold Stamping

    Cold Stamping is a method of local, selective decoration of the print by using a polyester metalized foil. The cold foil approach requires the use of a print station equipped with nip rollers and UV. Hot Stamping involves heating a colored foil and melting it onto the label so that the printing stands out as shiny and eye-catching. These two attributes are giving every product label a shiny metallic look of different individual requirements.


    Embossing is a printing method in which your labels stand out, both figuratively and literally. This is a special technique designs into your label, thus making it more noticeable from the typical flat label surface. To emboss a label, a specific pattern is needed to be physically pressed into the label material. Our printing technology creates high quality embossed labels within a minimal turnaround times.

    Double Side Printing

    Get the best of both sides of your labels. This feature allows you to add depth and originality for mostly see-through surfaces. This also enables you to print special design and enchanting details on both front of the label and back where the adhesive is applied.

    Peel Off Double Layer Printing

    This method uses an extended printed content or information on the back of the side label. This label can be peeled from the product to reveal additional information and the re-applied as if it was never disturbed.

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